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No Overloaded Servers

Powerful servers + low number of accounts per server = Worry-free Hosting.

While most hosting providers will try to cram as many accounts into a single server in order to maximize profit per server, we do things a little differently. By monitoring key metrics we are able to know exactly how many accounts we should be placing on each server ensuring we are leaving at least 40% as spare capacity. This means if your website experiences a spike in traffic the resources needed to accomodate will be there for you.

No Outsourced Support

Our in-house team is here for you and only you. Not another company.

There is a well known myth that outsourcing support can save money. We don't believe that at all. Outsourcing support can have serious negative impacts on a brands reputation which would cost them much more in the long run. With this belief, our have a strict no outsourcing policy to ensure our team is here for you and only you.

No Tricks. No Gimmicks.

High quality hosting for the price you see. No tricks. No gimmicks.

We pride ourselves on what you see is what you get. High quality web hosting services at competitive prices. We have no hidden fees. We don't use trending buzz words to try and trick you into a service you don't need. We are happy to be one of few providers selling no-nonsense, high quality web hosting services.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

This one is very simple. If for any reason you are not satisfied with any aspect of our hosting services we will simplify refund your account in full if requseted within 60 days of ordering. No questions, no hassles.

We are driven by customer satisfaction.

Order today to find out why thousands host with HostDash.

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