How we offset
We will plant 1,000+ trees this year

At the end of each year, we plant 1 tree for every new customer we make. By our estimations, this puts us on the path to planting well over 1,000 trees in 2020 alone and will offset more carbon than we produce. Has any of your previous hosting companies made such a bold statement?

We undertake tree planting projects through a partner organisation,, who provide verifiable figures and information relating to their tree planting projects.

Power usage calculation

To get as accurate a figure as possible to our actual energy usage, we have broken down our power usage by area.
Not only are the below figures pessimistic, and not only is almost all of the energy we use renewable, but we nevertheless
take the output from the below and offset it three times over!

Web Servers

Web servers include each individual shared or reseller server, as well as dedicated machines. We work out average usage per server and multiple that by the number of servers have active each month.

10.5 watts

Per Core

744 hours

Per month

8 cores

Per server (on average)

~60 kWH

Monthly energy usage per server

11 tonnes

Annual CO2 output across all of our servers

Office Costs

As part of our commitment of being a green company, we do not have any physical offices saving wasted paper, commute emissions and more. We remote employee will however have:

1 desktop computer

Per person

1 or 2 monitors

Per person

1 phone

Per person
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