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Blazing Fast Reseller Hosting Packages

Reseller Hosting Packages Designed To Make You Money.
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Normally $14.95
25 GB NVMe Storage
25 cPanel Accounts
Unlimited Bandwidth
LiteSpeed Turbo Servers
Free Malware Protection
Free Website Migrations
cPanel / WHM Control Panel
60 Day Money Back
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Normally $24.95
50 GB NVMe Storage
50 cPanel Accounts
Unlimited Bandwidth
LiteSpeed Turbo Servers
Free Malware Protection
Free Website Migrations
cPanel / WHM Control Panel
60 Day Money Back
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Normally $34.95
75 GB NVMe Storage
75 cPanel Accounts
Unlimited Bandwidth
LiteSpeed Turbo Servers
Free Malware Protection
Free Website Migrations
cPanel / WHM Control Panel
60 Day Money Back
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Experience the HostDash Reseller Difference

Unlimited Free
Website Migrations

Looking to switch from your current hosting provider? Let us save you the headaches and move your website for free!

Malware Protection

Keep your business and brand reputation securely protected
using our constant proactive malware protection that comes free of charge in every plan.

Free Billing
Automation Software

Automate your web hosting operations including billing, support, and account provisioning with a free for life Clientexec license.

Our Platform,
Your Brand

Run your hosting business under our own brand and logo straight from our platform. Your customers will never know that you are reselling from us.

Automate Your Web Hosting Company 
With Clientexec - Included Free!

We provide you with a superior web hosting automation platform that you can depend on to automate your hosting business instantly. Your reseller plan comes with Clientexec included free of charge. Clientexec provides you with a more streamlined way to run your hosting operations saving you money, time, and resources.

Make Money By Offering Your Clients Web Hosting Services

Generate more revenue by giving your customers all the benefits of a high-speed, ultra-reliable and easy-to-use web hosting service all under your own brand. We provide you with all the tools you need to run a thriving web hosting company. You can set your own packages and prices under a 100% white label platform.
Make Money With Hosting
Manage Clients

Effortlessly Manage Your Clients 

Manage your customers effortlessly in Web Host Manager (WHM). Through WHM, you can easily set up new accounts and install all popular apps such as WordPress instantly. You can optionally give your customers access to their own exclusive website control panel with your branded logo, or manage it for them.

Blazing Fast Hosting Platform

We go to great lengths to constantly stay ahead of the competition which in turn, puts you and your customer base ahead of everyone else. To do this, our platform is always undergoing updates to maximize performance wherever possible now featuring AMD EPYC CPUs, LiteSpeed Web Server, NVMe Drives & more!
Make Money With Hosting
Our Platform, Your Brand

Our Platform, Your Brand

Your customers will never know that you are using our reseller services. We give you all the tools you need to customize everything to suit your brand. Your customers will be paying and interacting directly with you. We also have a team of experts ready to handle any technical issue you have any time of day or night. The goal is to help you to provide 100% satisfaction to your customers.

Reseller Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reseller Hosting?
Reseller Hosting is a form of shared hosting with added ability to create individual and fully isolated cPanel hosting acccounts.

Thanks to this level of account isolation it is the perfect platform if you are looking to start your own web hosting company. As a reseller, you will not have to worry about any of the server management nor the network as this is handled for you.

Your reseller account would be allocated a set amount of disk space and bandwidth (determined by the package you purchase) which can be distributed to your websites and/or clients.
What are the benefits of Reseller Hosting?
The biggest advantage to reseller hosting is the cost-effective nature of getting your web hosting company online.

With packages starting at just $8.97/month, you would only need 1 client paying $10/mo for hosting to make a profit.

This is because the server is fully maintained by HostDash including all of the relevant licenses required to run a fast, smooth and easy hosting operation.
What is the difference between Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting?
Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting are quite similiar on the backend. They both split and share resources among multiple websites from a single server.

However, with Shared Hosting, all of your websites are located in a single cPanel account sharing a single username and password. With Reseller Hosting, you will have the ability to create individual cPanel accounts each with their own control panel, username and password.

This setup is essential if you are looking to offer web hosting to your own clients giving them the ability to securely manage their own website, email accounts, databases and more without gaining access to your other clients websites.
Can I make money with Reseller Hosting?
Yes! Web hosting can be very profitable while on a reseller account. This is in part thanks to the server, and all the licenses that make up the software on that server is handled by HostDash. Your only cost is the package of the reseller itself.

Let's take a look at a real world example. The non-discounted price for our entry level reseller package comes in at $14.95/mo and allows you to host up to 25 clients.

If you sell a hosting package for $10/mo your reseller package can make $250/mo (25 * $10). Minus your $14.95/mo cost and your profit is $235.05/mo.

As you can see, reseller hosting can be very profitable.
How can I start my own web hosting company?
The first step in starting your own web hosting company is to purchase a reseller hosting package. Once your package is active you will have access to your WHM control panel where you can create your web hosting packages, and create your individual cPanel accounts.
What is Clientexec?
Clientexec is a web hosting automation platform. Using Clientexec you can fully automate your web hosting company covering automated invoicing, payment tracking, cPanel account provisioning, automated suspensions for non-payment and more.

All of our reseller hosting packages includes a FREE premium Clientexec license ($15.95/mo value).

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