30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Backed By: No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.

While most hosting providers will try to cram as many accounts into a single server in order to maximize profit per server, we do things a little differently. By monitoring key metrics we are able to know exactly how many accounts we should be placing on each server ensuring we are leaving at least 40% as spare capacity. This means if your website experiences a spike in traffic the resources needed to accomodate will be there for you.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Backed By: Pro-Rated Service Credit.

While we strive for 100% uptime we guarantee your service will be available for 99.9% during a calander month. If during a calander month we fail to deliver due to a hardware or network issue we will credit your account for that days hosting fees.

Free Website Transfer Guarantee

If you are moving from another hosting provider we will move your website to our servers at no cost. After your account at HostDash has been activated simply create a ticket with our migrations team and we will take it from there.

6 Hour Support Response Guarantee

Average Response Time: Within Minutes.

Any technical support request that is submitted through our specified support channels is guaranteed to receive a response within six (6) hours. Please note that this does not mean that our average response takes six (6) hours (it is, on average, usually within minutes.) If a response is not given within six (6) hours, a $1 credit can be requested (per ticket) up to a maximum of your monthly hosting bill.

We are driven by customer satisfaction.

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